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Direct Purchaser Class Plaintiffs v. Apotex Corp.

Direct Purchaser Class Plaintiffs v. Apotex Corp.

Case Date: 05/15/2017
Citation: Direct Purchaser Class Plaintiffs v. Apotex Corp., CASE NO. 16-62492-MC-ZLOCH, 2017 WL 4230124 (S.D. Fla. May 15, 2017)
Court Type: Federal District
Court: Southern District of Florida (S.D. Fla.)
Judge: Federal District Judge: William J. Zloch
Rule(s): Rule 26; Rule 45

Whether disclosure of Defendant’s sales data in an antitrust suit would outweigh Defendant’s interests in trade secret data, since sales and pricing information in the generic drug market is generally considered trade secret information.


The Court granted the motion to compel. Although Defendant sought protection of trade secret information, the Court found the sales data information necessary for the pending antitrust litigation suit and considered a protective order sufficient to protect Defendant’s trade secret interests.

Relevant Documents:

Motion to Compel Compliance with Non-Party Subpoena (Doc. 1)

Opposition to Motion to Compel Production (Doc. 12)

Order on Motion to Compel (Doc. 14)

E-Discovery Issues: Motion to Compel, Protective Order
E-discovery Tags: Non-Party Discovery, Privilege, Trade Secrets

Published: January 31st, 2018

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