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Mancuso v. Fla. Metro. Univ., Inc.

Mancuso v. Fla. Metro. Univ., Inc.

Case Date: 01/28/2011
Citation: Mancuso v. Fla. Metro. Univ., Inc., No. 09–61984–CIV, 2011 WL 310726 (S.D. Fla. Jan. 28, 2011)
Court Type: Federal District
Court: Southern District of Florida (S.D. Fla.)
Judge: Federal Magistrate Judge: Barry S. Seltzer
Rule(s): Rule 45

Plaintiff sought a protective order following several subpoenas duces tecum, hoping to strike certain information and limit the scope.


The Court granted Plaintiff’s motion in part. To the extent that Plaintiff sought a protective order on the subpoenas sent to MySpace and Facebook, the Court did not have jurisdiction as the subpoenas were issued in California. With respect to the subpoenas issued to AT & T and Bank of America, the Court limited discovery to information necessary to determine Plaintiff’s activity during claimed overtime. As such, the content of specific text messages or bank transactions was not necessary.

Relevant Documents:

Motion to Quash (Doc. 45)

Response in Opposition to Motion to Quash (Doc. 49)

Order on Motion to Quash (Doc. 142)


E-Discovery Issues: Motion for Protective Order
E-discovery Tags: Non-Party Discovery, Possession or Control, Privilege, Relevancy
E-discovery subjects: Cell phone, Internet usage, Phone records, Social Media, Text message

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