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United States v. Miranda

United States v. Miranda

Case Date: 05/06/2009
Citation: United States v. Miranda, 325 F. App'x 858 (11th Cir. 2009) (per curiam)
Court Type: Federal Circuit Court
Court: 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (11th Cir.)
Judge: Circuit Judge: Per Curiam
Rule(s): 4th Amendment

Defendant appealed his conviction for possession of child pornography, alleging his Fourth Amendment rights were violated when the government accessed the files without a warrant while searching his computer for counterfeit software.


The Court affirmed the district court’s denial of Defendant’s motion to suppress evidence on his laptop, uninstalled hard drive, and external hard drive (files on the computer tower were suppressed). The files were interspersed with the counterfeit software files and were in plain view. Moreover, Defendant’s claim that the time-stamp evidence was fruit of the poisonous tree was without merit, as the computer tower itself was not suppressed, merely the files on the computer tower containing child pornography.

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E-Discovery Issues: Admissibility, Motion to Suppress
E-discovery Tags: Forensic Analysis/Examination, Privacy, Sources of ESI
E-discovery subjects: Computer, Hard drive

Published: March 16th, 2018

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