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United States v. Ransfer

United States v. Ransfer

Case Date: 04/14/2014
Citation: United States v. Ransfer, 749 F.3d 914 (11th Cir. 2015)
Court Type: Federal Circuit Court
Court: 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (11th Cir.)
Judge: Federal District Judge: Michael M. Baylson
Rule(s): 4th Amendment

Defendant moved to suppress information obtained from a warrantless placement of a GPS tracking device on a vehicle used in the commission or several robberies. The issue was whether the warrantless placement of the GPS device violated Defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights.


The Court held that the warrantless GPS installation did not violate Defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights. Under Davis, the Court applied the¬†good faith exception to the exclusionary rule, and found that the police acted in good faith reliance on a binding reasonable suspicion precedent when they placed a GPS tracking device on Defendant’s publicly-parked Ford Expedition.

Relevant Documents:

Appellant’s Initial Brief (1)

Appellant’s Initial Brief (2)

Brief of the United States

Appellant’s Reply Brief (1)

Appellant’s Reply Brief (2)

Appellant’s Reply Brief (3)


E-Discovery Issues: Admissibility, Motion to Suppress
E-discovery Tags: Preservation and Collection, Sources of ESI
E-discovery subjects: GPS Device

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